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I am making project with spawner, that spawn meteorits. When is meteorit hitted that he destroys.
But it makes an error :

E 0:00:14.613 signalcallback: Resumed after yield, but class instance is gone.
Condition "instanceid && !ObjectDB::getinstance(instanceid)" is true. Returned: Variant()
script/visualscript.cpp:2324 @ _signalcallback()

Sorry, for my english.
Thanks for help.

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Well, just reading the error message, did you write something where the ship yields to the asteroid exploder but the asteroid exploder removes the ship? At the end of yield statement, is the caller guaranteed to still be there?

Alternately, if you are yielding from one asteroid to another, make sure each has its own properties.

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Oh, i see now. Ye, when the meteorit hit the ship. The ship explode and its removed.
But whst can I do with that. I have no clue.

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