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Unicode error when exporting to Android.

My game does not work on android. The game crashes when I run the game on the mobile phone. Android gives Unicode error message while exporting.

Unicode error: invalid utf8

My game runs on android when "Use custom build" and "Godot Admob plugin" is not active.

System : win7- 64 bit
Version : Godot 3.2.3


I applied all the settings on this link. I reinstalled android sdk and android template. The problem was not fixed. Can you help me?


The problem isn't in my game. I tried creating android with the example of Admob. have the same problem.

There is a AndroidManifest.xml file.

I am adding google ads demo code. I got these codes from the link above.

There are GodotAdMob.4.1.1.release.aar -GodotAdmob.gdap files in the plugin folder.
I got these files from the link above.

What is this problem?

edit 2 :


version 3.0.1 of this plugin worked on Godot version 3.2.3 and 3.2.2. The game is no longer crashing. test ad appeared. I hope there will be no problems with original ads. The game crashes in versions 4.0 or 4.1.1. still in every version the program gives the following error:

Unicode error: invalid utf8

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