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I have a sprite that is the hp of my player, I also have a percentage that starts at 100 ( of course), What I want to happen is at 100% I want it to stay its normal white colour but when it reach a low % like 0 or 50 I want it to be red, and making it even redder the lower the number it is!, so my question is how would I convert the percentage so that it fits the modulate 0 to 1 format?

This is what I have:


and this is my health percentage being calculated (just assume it has a variable already attached to it):

 (current_health / player_health) * 100)
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I think you're looking for range_lerp(), which will let you map a value in one range to an equivalent value in a different range.


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That sounds exactly what I needed thank you, appreciate it!

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enter image description here

you can define a custom gradient with red gradient at bottom and white at top


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