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I have multiple KinematicBody2Ds moving in the game screen randomly. I want these bodies to overlap and move and then stop slowly. But I dont want them to overlap when they stopped. So I want to check if they have any overlap they continue moving. The problem is I cant find any way to check overlap or find overlapping bodies!
This is my node structure:
- Sprite
- CollisionPolygon2D

When I use collisionPolygon my bodies do not overlap. So I disabled collisionPolygons.
All of these bodies are child of an area2D node. I tried using getoverlappingbodies but it always returns 0 object.
I'm just so much confused! Can someone explains what should I do?

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You can use an Area2D.

it has a signal area_entered
or you can also use the method get_overlapping_areas.

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I used moving functionalities of kinematicBody2D like moveandslide. Does area2D have similar functionalities?
Isn't there a method to detect overlap between 2 kinematicBody2D?!

You can put the bodies that should not collide but overlap into different collisionlayers(/masks) and just add the area2D as a child to you kinematicbody2d, so it will move with it :)

This method works :))
Thanks a lot.
Solved my issue.

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