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I want to export app to android device, but it gives a mistake:

jarsigner: Certificate chain not found for: Debug keystore Pass. Debug keystore Pass must reference a valid KeyStore key entry containing a private key and corresponding public key certificate chain.

s = signature was verified
m = entry is listed in manifest
k = at least one certificate was found in keystore
i = at least one certificate was found in identity scope

no manifest.

jar is unsigned.
Installing to device (please wait...): Xiaomi Redmi 6
Performing Streamed Install
adb: failed to install C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Temp/Godot/tmpexport.apk: Failure [INSTALLPARSEFAILEDNOTAPK: Failed to parse /data/app/vmdl843201002.tmp/base.apk]
Starting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.MAIN cmp=com.companyname.appname/com.godot.game.GodotApp }
Error type 3
Error: Activity class {com.companyname.appname/com.godot.game.GodotApp} does not exist.

Does someone know, what is wrong?
Thank you very much!

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Hi :)

I had the same problem, but this post helped me to fix it, I hope you solve it too!!


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Thank you (I no longer hoped)!!! I'm sure it will help many people.
But for those who don't (even after repeatedly reinstalling JDK and Android Studio - as with me) - I personally had to resort to probably the most violent option - factory reseting of my computer... But it works! :D

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