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What could be causing this?
I write whole values ​​and they end up being like this.

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Many parameters, such as rect params in control nodes, are stored as floating point numbers. Floats, being binary representations, can not represent most whole numbers without approximating. This is not new to 3.2.3. Here's more info on wikipedia:


Four zeroes to the right of the decimal point means that those values are approximately correct to the ten-thousandth of a pixel. It would be hard to see that on most screens. If something's messing with your atlas/textures, it's probably not floating point problems.

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Really not is visible. I could only see it when I zoomed in. Thanks for the answer, in the end it's just a detail that can be ignored.
My perfectionism is screaming kkkkk

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Worst of all, all "rect" values ​​are like this, all my projects are like this. Broken values, this is generating micro artifacts at the ends of the textures ... In the case of the atlas it ends up taking a piece of the other texture ... It seems to be something from the new version 3.2.3 64x.

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