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I have a Menu tool scene with an array of custom resources.

export (Array, Resource) var Items = [null, null, null] setget set_array_items

When the size of the array changes, thesetget gets called, which calls property_list_changed_notify(), and the display and property browser update correctly.

The custom resource has three values, e.g.,
export var Name="Name Me" setget _set_name

When the resource's setget gets called, it also calls property_list_changed_notify() but no updates to the display or property browser are made. For example, changing the Name field changes the displayed menu and also the resource metadata name (Resource.set_name) in the property editor. These changes propagate only when the size of the array changes. I would like the changes to propagate when the resource is edited.

For more information:
- The resource's setget is called and it does call property_list_changed_notify()
- The resource extends Resource and has a class_name.
- Resources don't emit a changed signal; it's a bug but I don't care.
- The array's initialization list doesn't work; it's a bug but I don't care.
- The array is an array of Resource, and the setget does the work of making sure they are resources of the correct type. I cannot do export (Array, MenuItem) ... or export(Array, Resource, MenuItem) ...; it's a bug but I don't care.

Any way to trigger the enclosing scene's update on the resource update? How about emitting my own 'changed' type signal in the custom resource? Does the resource need to be a tool?

PostScript: Things that don't work in resource's setget:
- Calling .property_list_changed_notify() does update, but at every keystroke, it closes the resource being edited. The property editor becomes unusable. This is probably the 'correct' solution, but has a bug that the update loses the place the resource is being edited.
- Calling get_local_scene() gets a ...Can't use get_node() ... error

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