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For whatever reason, the $ isn't finding the sprites on the left. I checked the spelling & everything, it seems to be perfect. maybe i don't know how to use "connect". Why do I get this error message & how can I fix it?enter image description here


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Because you are not using correct node paths. I'm assuming this script is on fighter.

Writing $fighter means get_node("fighter"), which means "Get a child of this node named 'fighter'". fighter doesn't have a child named "fighter", so you get a "null instance".

In addition, you're also trying to use $fighter2, which also isn't a child of the scripted node. The path from fighter to fighter2 would be "../../fighter2/fighter2". I don't know why each of your Sprites has a Node2D parent, but that's another issue.

If you're having trouble understanding node paths, you might find this helpful:


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