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I already publish my apps but still i got test ads labels on my ads.
I'm using admob plugins shin-nil 4.1.1

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are you sure you already using your own ads id and remove the setTestDeviceIds code?

yes mate,
I've used my own Ads ID,
where to find the setTestDeviceIds code?

if you set test device ids for testing, you need to remove it before publishing. maybe you can take a look at this tutorial

hi did you solve your problem? same is happening with me i am still getting test ads instead of real ads.its been 1 week and i did everything correctly.

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hi, any solution? I tried everything, I used my own ID, I published my game as an internal test on Google Play but I always see test ads. I want to cry.

Godot Version 3.2.3
admob plugins shin-nil 4.1.1

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