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[Solved trying to delete this post]

inputEvent is InnputEventMouseMotion eventMouseMotion

the Mouse's relative variable is stored in eventMouseMotion not inputEvent

Hi All, I can't seem to access the variable "Relative" in an InputEventMouseMotion

Things I've tried:

  • Casting the inputEvent to InputEventMouseMotion
  • inputEvent.GetType() returns "Godot.InputEventMouseMotion"
  • inputEvent.GetType().GetFields() - returns an Empty array
  • different iterations of "Relative" (relative, Relative, GetRelative())

Code: (I Could not figure out how to properly format my code)

(will keep searching) - currently trying to print out all variables and methods of the object.

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1 Answer

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Untested, but...

public override void _UnhandledInput (InputEvent ev) {
    if (ev is InputEventMouseMotion) {
        InputEventMouseMotion m = (InputEventMouseMotion) ev;
        // here, you can reference "m.Relative.x"... 
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