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Hi, does anyone have a project where you can shoot, change weapons, and also let the enemies go to the player and shoot.3D please help please

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I desperately need a project like this

You should try to find one in the templates or demos. I know there were some fps templates, but I don't if you can change weapons in them

Please send to me its project

You want me to send you some fps templates?

Yes please send

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This a full fps project, but it has a multiplayer function, which is easy to remove: https://github.com/ic3bug/Godot-3.2-Multiplayer-FPS

This a Godot demo, but it is third-person, but with some modifications, it can become a first-person: https://github.com/godotengine/tps-demo

This is exactly what you want, but again it is third-person: https://github.com/JohnnyRouddro/Godot_Third_Person_Shooter

And this is just a template for first-person games: https://github.com/Whimfoome/godot-FirstPersonStarter

I think the best way is to start from the template, and just copy parts in it from the other projects

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I heard there is a godot doom clone somewhere out there. I think it's in the asset store.

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