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Is it possible to copy an array created by ArrayPropertyEdit as code? I'm looking for a way to create CollisionPolygon2D dynamically, since now I have to edit it in the editor, type the polygon points array by hand, and then create a ConvexPolygonShape2D from that array, which is very cumbersome. Thanks.

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You may try get_polygon() and set_polygon(Vector2Array polygon) of the CollisionPolygon2D node.

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Can I access CollisionPolygon2D in the game? In the doc it said This is not present when running the game. so I'm a little confused. And I can't copy text from the console neither. So many thing is not copyable in Godot.

Figured it out. I have to launch Godot from Terminal to get properly console output. Now I can copy those values!

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You may use "Copy Params" and "Paste Params" from Inspector panel after selecting your CollisionPoligon2D -> ArrayPropertyEdit

enter image description here
enter image description here


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Well, I need to copy the array as code to paste it in a script so this won't do. But somebody might want this, too.

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