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Hi, I am traying to make a game where objects move with offset through a pathfollow, but in a moment, I need to make an extension to that path follow, so when I load the same Curve2D to the path, but with the extension, the objects don’t stay on the same position, they change because the offset is different in this Curve2D
So to solve it, I was thinking in connecting a curve2d to the already curve2d of the pathfollow, but I don’t know how to do it. Another solution could be draw new points to the already Curve2D but, when drawing from de editor I can’t add a point that connects with another point that is in the middle, it always connect to the end point.

I hope you can understand me, In short, I have to change the Curve2D of the path, for another, without altering the position of the objects

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