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Guys, help out, I don't know how to rewrite this code in C#...

signal health_updated(health)
signal killed ()

export (float) var max_health = 100
onready var health = max_health

func kill():

func _set_health(value):
var prev_health = health
health = clamp(value, 0, max_health)
health i= prev_health:
emit_signal("health_updated", health)
health == 0:

I partially know how this miracle will look in C#, but it turns out crooked, can you recommend something?

Code by the way is not Mine, so do not scold :)

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   public class SampleNode: Node2D
    public delegate void HealthUpdated(int health);

    public delegate void Killed();

    [Export] public float MaxHealth = 100;
    public float Health;
    public override void _Ready()
        Health = MaxHealth;

    public void Kill()


    public void SetHealth(float value)
        var prevHealth = Health;
        Health = Mathf.Clamp(value, 0, MaxHealth);
        EmitSignal(nameof(HealthUpdated),new[] {Health});
        Health = 0;
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Thank you friend, helped out! I apologize for my stupidity...

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