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extends MeshInstance

export(Vector3) var repeat: Vector3 = Vector3(1,1,1) setget set_repeat
var my_mesh: Mesh = get_mesh()
var sm: SpatialMaterial = my_mesh.surface_get_material(0) 
var prev_scale

func _ready():

func _process(_delta):
    if prev_scale == null:
        prev_scale = scale
        if prev_scale != scale:
            prev_scale = scale

func update_uv1_scale():
    sm.uv1_scale = scale * repeat

func set_repeat(vector: Vector3):
    repeat = vector

It seems to be working, just unsure... Also there a way to callback a function whenever the scale is changed or would I just have to do what I'm doing now?

Edit: Purpose of this is trying to prevent lag, and making different sizes walls is getting annoying when you keep haing to uv1 them lol

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