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I was wondering if anyone knew how I could map a PNG onto a MeshInstance. Basically, I'm trying to add color/texture to a 3D environment, which is a MeshInstance with a collision shape mapped to it. Now I need to map the texture onto the environment.
Here's a screenshot of what I have: https://ibb.co/nsm2GKM
Thanks! Any help is appreciated.

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Do you mean a decal or UV map? Your title reads as though you're wanting a decal which is not a feature in Godot as of yet however there is an add-on. Your explanation reads as though you're wanting to UV map your mesh which will have to be done in the program you created and exported it from.

Yeah, I was thinking of UV mapping. I thought I remembered a feature where you could do that in Godot, but that might have been something else. Thanks anyway.

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