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I just found what I think it’s a bug and I would like someone to corroborate this.

I have a custom resource with a variable:

export (Array) var test0 = [null]
export (Array) var test1
var test2 = [null]
export (String) var name = ""

Then I have a node with the following function:

func set_pages():

    var page1 = c_resource.new()
    page1.name = str("Chest_Inventory_Tab",inv_pages.size())

    var page2 = c_resource.new()
    page2.name = str("Chest_Inventory_Tab",inv_pages.size())

This function generates an array with 2 resources I would expect the first Resource in inv_pages to have an array with a size of 13 and the second resource inside inv_pages to have an array with size 4.

The 2 new resources have their variable name properly set but the array variable test0 has a size of 4 on every resource.

Using test1, which doesn’t have a preset value, doesn’t have this problem and the same goes for test2 which has a value but it’s not an export variable.

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