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I'm making a 3D game and have to make a static 2D image the background. I can't use CanvasItems (Control Nodes and Node2D's) directly, because they are always drawn on top of the 3D scene. I've also tried setting the Environment to Canvas, but that didn't work as well.

Another effect of using a custom environment is that it messes up the colors in my scene. When I use the default background, the colors look just fine, but when I use a custom background in my Camera, then everything looks either way too black, too saturated or too green.

Image of everything looking too black:
[Image of everything looking too black]

Image of everything looking too saturated:
enter image description here

So how can I solve this without messing up the colors?

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Maybe you could try to create a node parented to the camera node but moved forward and add a plane mesh to it. On that plane you could then project the background as the texture.

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