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I have a couple files like this that I am using to create a SpriteFrames for an AnimatedSprite.
It works fine until I change import settings to combine some into a TextureAtlas? Then It changes and I cannot select the right tiles?
I have created a simple reproduction of the problem:
Please & Thanks.

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Didn't get an exact matter of a problem

the animation works originally but after changing to atlas it does not:

  1. i have to remake the animation because it is not the same
  2. it is not the same even after remaking it? one frame is off by one pixel... (other animations from the atlas are off by other amounts but this is just one example)

maybe someone has seen this before and knows of a solution or a work around?

Still not close, except "It's off by 1 pixel". Can't you resize your spritesheet accordingly?

I cannot change the size of a single frame from the middle of the sprite sheet no...

  1. it would make the original animation not work
  2. it would not work because all frames of the animation are currently the same size and sprite frames expects them all to be the same size

the gif shows the entire process

it seems like a rounding error somewhere? idk I guess I will file a bug report


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