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Hi, I having been having trouble networking and making a multiplayer game. All I want is to make a small game with two players that can connect in a small LAN hosted game. The closest I found was this: https://github.com/Kermer/Godot/wiki/tut_data-transfer

But when I tested it it wouldn't connect from two different computers. I am also aware that godot 2.2 has a newer networking but I don't know how to get godot 2.2 nor use the networking for these needs.

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If you want to try a newer Godot version (2.2 alpha versions) download it from:


This versions include new networking framework for multiplayer games.


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But will it work for me?

You may read this document for new Networking Multiplayer framework (Godot 2.2):



Ok it worked but i can't export the project. I keep getting an error saying: error exporting project.

You need to use export templates that match your engine version.

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