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I'd like to share a reusable version of my fps components (player, bots...). How should the asset be structured to be properly published in the AssetLib?

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You should get some ideas about how to structure your package if you look at how they look when you download them.
When people get your package, it will be the same thing as if they would open a ZIP archive right at the root of their project, so as long as your files are well organized, at least in a recognizable folder, it should be ok.
Usually, when I make an addon I put all the things under the addons/zylann.my_addon/ folder. So in your case, you can do it under addons/gokudomatic2.fps_utility for example. But this "addon" path thing is mostly required if you make an editor plugin. If you don't, you can choose a different path as long as your assets don't enter in conflict with everyone's projects.

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Thanks Zylann. Yet there are couple of information lacking. For instance I'm using a night build from godot. Would that make a problem? And my components should be divided to keep flexibility, like for instance the bots and weapons should be separate plugins, one for each (and of course a pack all-in-one). Would that be possible? And what would be the limit? Also, should each component have its own git repository?

Well, there are not many rules yet, so you have to decide how to distribute your package. Asssets depending on other assets doesn't seems to be widespread for now, so unless your package is really massive, I would suggest keeping it all in one for simplicity.

If you require a specific version of Godot that must be written in the description. There is no place where you can enforce engine version checking, that could be worth asking for improvement.

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