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My problem is mainly having NPC's changing 2D sprites in a 3D space. What I want to obtain is how the NPC's look in The Elder Scrolls I & II and have their sprites change depending on where i'm looking at them from. All I can think of is using a raycast on my player, but I'm fairly new to godot and programming and don't quite understand how well I'd be able to do that. Anything helps, thank you.

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do you mean you want the sprites to face you? I think you could use "look_at()"


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Assuming that your Player is facing its z-axis, and you know your Player's and NPC's position, you could calculate the angle like this:

var facing = transform.basis.z
var player_enemy_direction = player_pos.direction_to(npc_pos)
var direction_scalar = player_enemy_direction.dot(facing);

Where palyer_pos and npc_pos are global positions and they are normalized.

Based on the direction_scalar, you can change your NPC's sprite.
The direction_scalar will be a number between -1 (180°) and 1 (0°) (if your positions are normalized)

It's quite tricky. I would recommend you to check out Godot's Vector math documentation

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