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Can anyone tell how to add a sound to a button in a menu so when it is pressed it makes a sound?

Also remember that as the button is pressed, it should make a sound and should change the scene too.

 func _on_playagain_pressed():

I have done this code but when I click the button, it doesn't make any sound even though I have set the sound on the Audiostreamplayer.

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call the $AudioStreamPlayer.play() before you change the scene. if that still doesnt work, connect the $AudioStreamPlayer 's finished function to do the scene change so that it only changes the scene as soon as the audio has finished playing.

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Thanks Mam that worked

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You have to wait with the scene switching until the sound has finished to play, otherwise you won't hear it. A quick way to do basically what dustin proposed is to yield until the finished signal is sent:

yield($AudioStreamPlayer, "finished")
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