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I am changing wait time of a timer programmatically after some amount of enemy captured by player. I confirmed timer's wait time using debugger that the value is 0.9XX. But it has not accepted by the timer, I am getting the following error

E 0:01:03.756   set_wait_time: Time should be greater than zero.

<C++ Error> Condition "ptime <= 0" is true.
<C++ Source> scene/main/timer.cpp:83 @ set
Main.gd:126 @ _update
Main.gd:118 @ onScoreTimer_timeout()

The value I set to timer is already greater than zero. I don't know what causes this error. Any help. Thanks in advance.

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Maybe showing the code you use would help?

yah .. show some code ... maybe an integer rounding in place?

Here is the code

This is how I change wait time of a timer. At first it is

mobTimer.wait_time = 250/300

I thought, by default rounding the vale to 1, so I tried to maintain float value by

mobTimer.wait_time = float(250/300)

but unfortunately the timer wait time is always 1.

it is a integer rounding. Casting the result to an float afterwards wont help

250 / 300 = 1
float(250 / 300) = 1.0
float(250) / float(300) = 0.8333
250.0 / 300.0 = 0.8333

works well with 250.0 / 300.0 = 0.8333. Thanks. :)

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