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Hi! Im using 2.1 Godot and this version doesnt seem to have "Create tile set" button unlike older versions (from youtube videos) so when i create a "tilemap" node it doesnt contain such function that allows me to import and then let it cut image it self (after i write size of tiles), instead i have to import that tile map and relocate every tile tyoing cordinates..
Or maybe that function is somewhere there, please help!

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May I ask in which videos you have seen this?
Afaik, Godot never had the functionality to automatically cut tilesets.
But there have been plugins around that do this for a while.

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This is the way tilemaps and tilesets are created now: http://docs.godotengine.org/en/latest/tutorials/2d/using_tilemaps.html

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If you select TileMap node, in its inspector panel there is an entry "Tile Set". Click on dropdown menu and select "New tileset" for a new tileset or "Load" for import an existent one.


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What you just described is a plugin available here:


CreateTileset and TilesetFull_Collision appears to be what you are after.

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"Base type is not EditorPlugin"
pfff that kind of feature should be built in

Agree, it should be built-in.
It is nice that the community is trying to fill in the gaps for now.

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