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When I download the stable compiled version from the website and run in on my macbook it looks ok - the fonts are readable (but I can tell that it's upscaled, but that's not a problem).

If I compile it myself (both the 2.0 stable branch and the master branch) or run it from steam, it isn't upscaled anymore so the fonts are very sharp BUT they're also too small to do any serious work with it.

Is there any setting that I need to take care of when compiling to ensure that I get the same resolution as the downloadable version of godot on the website?

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Here is a screenshot of my problem:

left - desired result (what I get when I download the stable)
right - actual result (what I get when I compile myself)

enter image description here

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go to tools folder in main repo there is Godot app for mac os click right on it and then select Show Package Content , then in Content make directory name MacOS then copy the runnable from your bin rename it to Godot and paste it in the MacOS directory now open the Godot app .

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Thank you! Just what I needed!

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In Godot you may set your own fonts at whatever size is good for your screen and eyes.
In (upper right corner button) Settings / Editor Settings / Global there is a Font line where you set the path to the *.fnt font.

To create a *.fnt font that you could use in Godot, you have to use font's importer from Import menu first.
There you choose and set the font, it's size and other properties you need.
It's good to keep that font in folder other then current project's folder, so you could use it always in all projects.

After importing the font and knowing where it is, you select it in Settings / Editor Settings / Global.
Restart Godot. It should use your new fonts now.

It's worth to mention, that no matter of Global set font, a different font can be used for the editor alone.
That you can set in Settings / Editor Settings / Text Editor / Font line.

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I tried this but the GUI still looks a little bit wonky as all the controls are also super small.

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