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I'm making AI for my game using GDScript:


(I would be glad if somebody review my code because I'm novice in GDScript)

I found that it works too slow. Adding two NPCs to game slows it to 7 FPS. I guess, problem somewhere in scripts (it's expected, AI is hard thing and some parts should be rewritten to C++)

How to find which scripts and functions work too slow and use too much memory? Is it possible to do with built-in profiler?

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Have you tried the profiler in the debug tab? If so, why isn't it sufficient?

If it's not enough, then you'd probably need to build a debug build of Godot from the sources, and then run valgrind on it.

Profiler just shows that my physics process take 120% frame's time, but it doesn't show which functions called and how many and how much time took.

It shows your custom functions time too.

Custom function in Godot profiler

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