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You see, my questions are hard to explain. If you have played "tomb rider", you know that the arrow is visible after firing.
Now I want to know how it is possible to do this in Godot, that is, the arrow is visible until it hits the target.

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Hi! do you have any code to share of what you are doing know? I don't see any problem with making a node visible/invisible at certain times. What kind of node is the arrow? how is the shooting mechanic? We need more info to be able to help.

Arrow node is rigidbody
Weapon node is node
This my project


Hey! im sorry but i dont see any arrow in that project.. could you give more info about it?

Oh sorry
Bullet= rigidbody+collisionshape+meshinstance

Thank you
It's really good?

Yup, it covers all of the basics of an fps (including shooting visible bullets) in detail and with good practices. In general, the Godot docs are really good. If whatever you're looking for isn't there, then try these great youtube channels: GDQuest, KidsCanCode

Thank you my brother

can i have your Telegram or WhatsApp ID?

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