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How can I smoothly rotate objects?

Now I use "rotate" and get jerky rotation.

Thanks for a answer

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by jerky, do you mean it's instantaneous, or that it isn't smooth?

the point is that I often need to rotate the object at small angles. it looks awful jerky. can this process be made smooth?

Could you post an example of your "jerky" rotation code?

Can I email a video and a code so you can help me? It is difficult to describe in words my idea and my problem.

As Thomas requested, can you share your code here (not only for us to help you faster but for future developers who have the same question)?
Is your rotation in the _process function? And if so, are you multiplying this by delta?

I completely forgot about multiplying by delta. Thank you, now everything is smooth.

Awesome, np. glad that fixed it! :)

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