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Are there any gems in the engine API that would make it possible to efficiently ask the scene tree "find all objects X distance away from object Y". This is not as easy as "scan everything" since that is a big-oh of n-squared solution: "for each object Y in scene tree compare with every object (as X) in scene tree". BSPs aren't good since their setup is an offline algorithm (meaning BSPs can't change easily with runtime object movement). I could implement a range tree for one axis (but the storage blows up to "N to the number of dimensions" for more than one). So I'm not sure what I should use here. Assume LOTS of objects to check (large N).

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Why not simply use the collision engine by calling space_state.intersect_shape()?
Or maybe, divide the world into a grid for faster queries? (but Godot already does that)

You want to check this for many objects or rather single ones like Player? If latter then you can just add area node to player and use area interface.

basically as was discussed on FB using the collision system with spheres to represent the ranges and bounding cubes to represent objects (layered and masked so cube/sphere emit in/out signals but no cube/cube nor sphere/sphere signals). these could simply be added onto objects as children

If I understand well, you can do it with an Area, with the signal onenter_body.

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