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The docs says "Using WebGL 2 is not recommended due to its expected removal from Godot without replacement." If this is true will there be no other way to do 3D on HTML5 except WebGL 1? The Docs also say WebGL 2 is not well supported. The chromium version of Edge supports it fully and Safari just announced that support is now turned on in the dev version of Safari by default so I would hope Safari is close. Will this decision be revisited or will there be some better way to run 3D in HTML5 in the future?

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Pointing back to the page I quoted does not answer the question

If you would have posted a link to the shit u spoke of i would not have commented thusly...

Understood, thanks

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WebGL 2.0 is deprecated for now, but WebGL 1.0 isn't deprecated. See also this proposal.

Either way, you should treat HTML5 as a mobile platform to provide the best gameplay experience. This usually means going for lo-fi visuals and using the GLES2 renderer.

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