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please don't freak out!
I know hair demands a lot of processing and stuff... I just wanted to try it out for fun :)

I'm just as new in blender as to godot, and I found this video teaching how to make hair in blender, but when I try to import it to godot, only the sphere is imported.

I tried glTF 2.0., DAE (COLLADA), OBJ and FBX, formats, and since none of those worked, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or Godot doesn't support this kind of "particles".

P.S.: Btw, I tried to use better collada following the article from gamedev, but I couldn't find the addon in the list...

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Have you tried the ESCN exporter for blender? I'm not certain but I think the Blender2Godot project uses it.

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