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Everything was going fine until one day I opened Godot and the UI had blown-up to such a scale that I can no longer use it. While I can still access the menu items at the top left of the UI, the one that I suspect that I need to get to, at the top right, is no longer accessible. I suspect this one as I recall seeing font size settings there.

I have re-downloaded the app but that didn't help. This makes it seem like there is an app settings file kept somewhere. However, I can't seem to find such a file.

Your help would be much appreciated.


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You can find the settings in ~/.godot/ on Linux, C:\User\<you>\AppData\Godot\ on Windows (provided your system is on the C: drive), and something similar on OSX.

There by removing or tweaking editor_settings.tres you should be able to go back to a workable state.

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Sorted, I was looking in the wrong folder for the app data.


I have the same issue, but on a Mac, do you know the location of the equivalent file?

It's like on Linux, something like /Users/<you>/.godot.

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If you are using Windows try to delete this folder:



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