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I'm trying to map a video texture in a VR environment.
To do so, i have a ARVRCamera in the scene inside a sphere.
At first, i had a huge issue with framerate > godot is by default a single-safe thread process. This implies that video player was delaying the rendering of the 3d world, and goodbye the 90fps required for the Vive.
After switching the engine into Mutli-thread mode, the result was perfect, even if the video was lagging from time to time.
I now have a weird issue: 3 times out of 4, the video texture can not be mapped to the sphere, or the update is not happening, without any error or feedback from the engine...

Does anyone has experiment the same issue?

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It seems that the video playback must be started AFTER the ARVRCamera: if I delay the playback of the video, everything is fine...

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