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Hey All,

Quick question. I have only been using signals as one time emits or at least one call=one emit. is it ok to use them in the physicsprocess/_process function? IE emit them every frame? (performance issues/bugs?)

My specific implementation is to communicate a player's stamina to the HUD as it regens. is there anything wrong with using signals or should I just use a getparent().getnode() chain?

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That ultimately depends on your definition of "okay", but generally speaking: yes. Choosing between calling a method and emitting (and connecting) to a signal shouldn't matter much in terms of performance. General rule of thumb: do not try to solve problems that you have yet to encounter! I think the advice given here is usually sound: "call down, signal up". It keeps scenes self-contained, which makes it easy to transfer them over to other projects or make changes in the tree structure.

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