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When i make a TileSet Atlas from the first two tiles and paint them onto the map with priority it uses the first three tiles?

enter image description here

Maybe these settings are wrong?

enter image description here

It is painting this desert tile that is not even in the atlas?

So i made a new simple test:

enter image description here

Making a TileSet Atlas from the first two works fine, so i will add borders:

enter image description here

Still works fine... add spacing:

enter image description here

Now i have the same problem as the kenney map. How is it drawing a blue tile that is not in atlas?

enter image description here

Either my settings are wrong or bug?



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btw: border and spacing in tile sets is not needed and a waste of time and resources i was just testing this one

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Did you find an answer to this? I have this exact problem and haven't found any solution.

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I have not found a solution yet.

But i posted a bug:

It might help to get it fixed if you comment or upvote there.


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