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I have tried setzindex() in code, and just setting the default zindex at the root of each individual scene which I will be instancing, on the assumption they will be instanced with that zindex.

But when my dagger node spawns an animated sprite (toonSmoke) with a z-index of 500 for the smoke, and 1000 for the dagger-the smoke always appears above the dagger.

if overlaps_target == true:

        var smoke:Node2D = resSmoke.instance()  
        smoke.position = self.position

        print("Dagger Z-Index: " + str(self.z_index))
        print("Smoke Z-Index: " + str(smoke.z_index))
        call_deferred("reparent_to_target",self, target)
        call_deferred("reparent_to_target",smoke, target)

my console outputs:

Dagger Z-Index: 1000
Smoke Z-Index: 500

But my smoke is above my dagger:

enter image description here

It seems to just order them in scene tree order, and doesn’t care about zindex.

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With the information you provided it's hardly possible to help you out. Can you upload an example project (as minimal as possible!) with the problem at hand?

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The sprite sub node had a separate higher z-Index...my fault

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