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I'm learning Godot using Godot Engine Game development projects and I came across this code that bugs me. It's from chapter 4 "Space Rocks". I am instancing a scene called rock in the main scene using export (Packed scene). The rock scene has a code to explode when the player shoot it

I connected an exploded signal in the main scene

   func spawn_rock(size, pos=null, vel=null
            var r = Rock.instance()
             #Rocks is a child note of the main scene
             #I'm using Rocks node as a container for the rock scene
              r.connect("exploded", self, "on_Rock_exploded")

Then connected the function _on_Rock_exploded
The _on_Rock_exploded was suppose to explode the rock and split it into two but when I run it doesn't happen. And then debugger showed this emit_signal: Error calling method from signal 'exploded': 'Node(Main.gd)::on_Rock_exploded': Method not found
I tried everything but it always show that error. I don't know what to. Please Help
The code for the onRock_exploded is below

  func _on_Rock_exploded(size, radius, pos, vel):
            if size <= 1: 
            for offset in [-1,1]:
                  var dir = (pos - $Player.position).normalized().tangent() * offset
                  var newpos = pos + dir * radius
                  var newvel = dir * vel.length() * 1.1
                  spawn_rock(size -1, newpos, newvel)
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Godot is telling you it cannot find 'Node(Main.gd)::on_Rock_exploded':, because:

r.connect("exploded", self, "on_Rock_exploded")

You missed a _ at the beginning of the function name.

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Thank for the help.
The debugger issue was solved but the split into two rocks issue is still happening. There are no errors but when I run the game and shoot the rocks it just explodes instead of exploding and splitting into two

You may have to put a breakpoint in _on_Rock_exploded(size, radius, pos, vel) and see what are the argument values. Perhaps it's receiving the wrong size?

I checked func _on_Rock_exploded() function and all codes inside it and matched it with the codes on the book and found no mistake. I am suspecting that it has to do with animation_finished() signal
I have a animation_finished() signal connected in Rock scene's script

func _on_AnimationPlayer_animation_finished(anim_name):

I think the problem is because of thequeue_free() but I am not sure.

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