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I have a scene structure that looks like this:
Scene Structure
Scene Structure Link

Both the BaseEnemy and the InheritedScene are instanced to the World scene.

The InheritedScene inherits from the BaseEnemy by using the New Inherited Scene option, but when I change the modulate property (or any other property) of the BaseEnemy.tscn to other color, the instanced InheritedScene at the World node doesn't change but the InheritedScene.tscn changes.

I was wondering on why the instanced InheritedScene doesn't change when it should. An explanation of this would really help.

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Are you saving the tscn before checking if it changes? Does it work if your reopen the world scene?
Also make sure you didn't accidentally override modulate on the instance

Yes, I save the BaseEnemy.tscn before checking the changes, and the properties of the InheritedScene is not changed after being instance to World node.

Also, my bad, the World is just a 2D node and doesn't have its own .tscn file.

Maybe you cleared the Inheritance of the InheritedScene by mistake ? Go to InheritedScene Node and right click on it. See if you are getting Clear Inheritance option

I haven't. I can still see the Clear Inheritance option.
This also happens in the Design the GUI tutorial in the documentation, changing the properties of Bar.tscn doesn't change properties of its child's instances, LifeBar and EnergyBar.

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