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I have created a simple mobile game. I tried exporting it for android platform as a debug version. It was working good. Everything goes fine. So I planned to export my game as a release version. So I created android release key store and configured it in a project export setting. After exporting APK it was at the same size. I don't know what was the problem. Is my release configuration not working? or If my release configuration working, why the APK size not reduced. Any help. Thanks in advance.

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You really need rebuild the engine with less needed tools

If your game is 2d, you don’t need any 3d features

Or complex ui elements so better disable them and build less release size for android platform

For more info check out the docs


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This will help. I will check it out and give my comments. Thanks for Immediate reply.

But I think you will sacrifice performance for size, I don't think it's worth it.
I tried it and was not stable across different devices.

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Best option is to use not very high quality assets like 4k textures that are not really needed in mobile devices. You can also compress the apk to reduce its size.

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APKs are already compressed when they're generated by Godot (or Gradle).

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