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Hello Godot developers!
I'm glad to be here

Dose anyone here integrated between Wwise and Godot?
I haven't found much information about it in my search

I would love to hear from people that faced that issue, and how they solved it.
If its not possible to integrate, is there a way to receive the game in a way that the Wwise engine can get game calls, and build sound for it, that i can later export for the Godot developers?

Thanks everyone, i hope you are all safe and ok during this pandemic!

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According to this news: https://godotengine.org/article/gsoc-2019-progress-report-1-part-1

The reason Wwise or FMOD were not integrated instead is because they are proprietary, and that would be against the open source and free to use nature of Godot.

If that's so, I doubt you'll find an open-source integration (depends on the license?), but it's technically possible to integrate Wwise either adding a C++ module to the engine, or by using GDNative. Perhaps even using C# and P/Invoke, if Wwise has a C API?

The official doc mentions it here as well: https://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/development/cpp/custom_audiostreams.html#custom-audiostreams

Basically, I suppose some developper has to buy a license and get their hands dirty to do that integration work. Ether nobody worked on it yet, or didn't make it public?

Someone did an FMOD integration though https://github.com/alexfonseka/godot-fmod-integration

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