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So i supose is by Scripting (like almost all in this engine). so maybe can someone tell me if im wrong and pls help me. So what should the perfect values be for a realistic movement? like if the player was running but not sprinting.

And how do I attach the movement direction with a Key on my keyboard (ex: W goes Forward)


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Yes, it's done by scripting. But noone can tell you what the perfect value is. You have to experiment and see what best suits your game and the gameplay you have in mind.
Also take a look at the demos and tutorials, then it should be pretty clear how to do this.

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Movement speed of the character is a question of scale. If your real character is 3 meters height and moves at one speed of 2 m/s when you draw your character on the game with 300 pixels height it should move at one speed of 200 pixels/s.

In some cases realistic movements aren't good for games where character moves inside a world where not all the real world physic rules are true. For example incredible high accelerations are not realistic in real world but could be useful in games.

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I highly recommend watching and doing this tutorial series:

It really helped me understand the Godot animation system. It's a struggle as a beginner but it's worth it. Programming is a challenge for an older guy like me to learn, but just stick with it. You can do it. :-)

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Really great tutorial series

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