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I know there is a way to implement a save function in GDscript using the file.new but I can't seem to find a way or tutorial or anything if it's even possible. I can't find any way to use file.new in visual script or anything. I can't switch to GDscript because I have already put in a lot of code for my game and I don't know it. Please if someone knows how to implement a save system using Visual Script. (For a clicker game)

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You'll have to use an autoload/singleton gdscript and call save and load functions from the visual script. Here are the save and load functions

func save_game_cfg(data, file_name: String = "Saved Data", section_name: String = "Section", key_name: String = "Key"):
    var save_dir = "user://" + file_name + ".cfg"
    var configFile = ConfigFile.new()
    configFile.set_value(section_name, key_name, data) configFile.save(save_dir)

func load_game_cfg(file_name: String = "Saved Data", section_name: String = "Section", key_name: String = "Key"):
    var load_dir = "user://" + file_name + ".cfg"
    var configFile = ConfigFile.new()
    var err = configFile.load(load_dir)
    if err == OK:
        var data = configFile.get_value(section_name, key_name)
        return data
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I'm not familiar with VisualScript, but you should be able to use a ConfigFile for this.

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it's not possible to access the Config File stuff in visual script. You can't do anything with files in visual script

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