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I've made a small bicycle with the front wheel connected to the bike body by a Generic6DOFJoint. The joint has:

  • A linear limit on X and Z with 0 upper and lower distance.
  • A linear Y limit between 0.05 and -0.05.
  • A linear Y spring.
  • An angular Z limit with 0 upper and lower distance.

When the bike body is dragged past 90 degrees it "explodes". See the link below... The same occurs if I place the bike past that rotation initially the editior and wake it up with some movement.


Additional Notes

The front wheel is Node A and the rest of the bike is Node B. The documentation does not describe the difference between Node A and Node B, but if I switch which body is where the joint behaves very differently. The X and Z angular axes are locked on the front wheel (Node A).

I cannot seem to control the angle of the bike body (Node B) using the axis lock OR integrateforces. The joint seems to be overriding this somehow, because I can still affect angle with the joint limits, albeit with the problem I've described.

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