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Hi, I'm making a simple godot game and want to know if it is possible to update it.

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Yeah. Just open the project and work on a game more. And then, export it. Bam - you just updated your game. But I think your question is about how to update the game on client's computer? That's up to digital distribution service you use. Most of them will give you tools to upload only differences from the older version.

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Not all games come from digital distribution, some have their own launchers. In this case It's the launcher's job to update the game usually, I wonder myself if such as launcher can be made with Godot.

I'm a very new programmer but I suspect you'd need to have your game do a version check with an online file (you could simply have it compare if the version number it has is smaller than a string in a file on a web server somewhere. IE: internal version = VS file on web server =

Once you have that point (the easy part) you'd then want to retrieve a file that contains the updates and download it to an appropriate location.

Then, the game would need to take that data and incorporate it into itself. That would be interesting. I'm guessing the game would need a restart?

I'd love to watch this thread and see if someone with real skills has an answer on how to do that. Good luck!

I believe that game launchers are not usually made using game engines :)

Sometimes they are, the engine just has to support secure file downloading :)

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Use 2 executables: one being launcher, the other is the game itself.
Upon starting the launcher, it checks the version with your server (by fetching a version number from the server etc, or other things like checking the game file integrity):
If the game is up-to-date, launch the game executable from the launcher.
If there's a new version available then the launcher will download the game files from the server, and overwrite the existing game executable.

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I know this is pretty old but you could distribute the update as a pck and have it update like that

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