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onready var positionNow = getusedcells()
set_cellv(positionNow, 5)

getting error with cellv argument 1 not recognized,
godot v.3.2.1

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You should include exactly your error message, because otherwise we have to guess at what's happening. Also, where is this code? Are you trying to run set_cellv() outside of a function? These two lines would have to be in different places. Show your script.

Finally, get_used_cells() returns an Array, and set_cellv() takes a Vector2. This also won't work.

Here is my script:
extends TileMap

onready var positionNow = getusedcells() #[0]
onready var body = getnode("body")
onready var anime = get

export var referencetile = 5
export var base
speed = 100.0
export var move_size = 64
export var debug = false

var moving = false
var locked = false
var movedir = null
var delta
= 0

var direction = {
"up": Vector2(0, -1),
"down": Vector2(0, 1),
"left": Vector2(-1, 0),
"right": Vector2(1, 0)

signal moverequest(dir, mappos)
signal moveupdate(layer, newpos, last_pos)

func ready():
cellv(positionNow, referencetile)
toworld(positionNow) + Vector2(movesize/2, movesize/2))


I try: setcellv(Vector2(positionNow), referencetile)
not working.
How can i send a Vector2 value to set_cellv
thank you.

Please format your code with the "Code Sample" button when posting. It is very hard to read this way.

Again, get_used_cells() returns an array - a list of coordinates where you have placed tiles in the TileMap. It's a list of Vector2s. set_cellv() should be given one Vector2 of a single tile to change.

What exactly are you trying to do? Describe your goal.

My gold is creating a Sokoban style game for my kids. I want to know want is on my tiles, walls, boxes, and obstacles and the final destination of the boxes. I want to create a 2D variables that will contain all the information of the particular level. Later on, I want to give the opportunity to the player, to construct their own level, and save it to a file.

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