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I'm trying to create a collision shape from code, but with no luck so far.

var shape = RectangleShape2D.new()
var collision = CollisionShape2D.new()
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If your script is attached to an Area2D node, then you can try something like this:

var shape = RectangleShape2D.new()

var collision = CollisionShape2D.new()

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Hi Sorry, but I didn't have time to answer before. I tested today that solution and is working, but I'm not sure why only within _process(), I will test further anyway.

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In my project I wrote something like this.

 var shape = RectangleShape2D.new()
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If i'm not wrong, that is no exactly the same, as you already has a StaticBody2D node and you are just adding a shape. I want to create a collision shape directly from Area2D node, and not from a CollisionShape2D node.

When you say:

I want to create a collision shape directly from Area2D node

you meant that your script is attached to a Area2D node?

Yes, I didn't express myself clearly.

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