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I am learning modeling in Blender and I have come to a point I wonder how to have multiple materials on the same animated model.

The question: what is the best way to organize the different parts of an animated, textured model in Blender for use un Godot later on?

I currently have two choices:

1) Have multiple meshes in Blender, each with one material, shared or not. This works fine, and in Godot I can see the materials (although their names are numbers Oo). However at the moment I don't know how to share the same uv-map for the same model and the only way I found so far is to join all my objects into one big mesh.

Which leads me to option 2.

2) Have a single mesh with face groups having different materials but a shared uv-map, so I can have a single texture for the whole model. It would take a slightly different path to animate it though, like delimiting bone weights manually. I never tested this option yet, given how "destructive" it is compared to 1), I have to apply modifiers which makes it tedious to change things afterwards.

Now, it looks like half concerns Blender itself, but also Godot because I don't know how well it handles multi-materials, or which structure it works better with.

FYI, I am doing this thing:
enter image description here

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My models uses multiple meshes. For example, my character is naked and clothes is another mesh on top of it. Both uses one texture. You're on the right path with 1. - the good idea is to join them into one mesh. The better idea is to use Blender's Texture Atlas plugin. Whenever you need to unwrap the model, it will make a one big temp mesh so you can easily lay down your UVs. Once you are done, it will separate them.

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