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I already made some code when the node used to be a Particle, maybe there's some incompatibility?
The node is loaded and instanced, than added as a child to the scene. After that the emitting and position properties are changed and that's it.

When I try to run the game with the node as CPUparticle, it just goes black, just like if I setted the node to be a Sprite or anything tottaly incompatible with the Particle class.
If I change the type of the node to Particle again, everything starts working fine.

There's any difference between the properties of Particles and CPUparticles?

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Does the debugger states an error?

Hi! No, it doesn't.
But the way the game breaks it's pretty much like when I, for exemple, turn "emitting" false for an Sprite node.

My experience so far is... Godot chrashes only on cyclic calls.

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Hey, I found the problem.
As I said, I did some code with the particle before.
It turned out that the incompatibility was in the pretty first line of code:

extends Particles2D

So I changed the "Particles2D" to "CPUParticles2D" and that's it.

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