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I'm trying to generate a random 3d dungeon build out of rooms.

My room is spatial node, with a floor and 4 walls made of CSGBox instances, and a Door CSGBox with subtraction to make a basic hole in the wall.

Basic structure:

  • CSGBox Floor
  • Spatial Walls

    • CSGBox Walls 1-4

I'm making a script to dynamically generate rooms, and when I add another room to the scene at runtime, I fall through the floor.

Example Code:

var roompath = "res://Rooms/Room 3.tscn"
var room
scene = load(roompath)
var room
instance = room_scene.instance()
// Move the instance around to connect it to another room

Is there something I need to call to enable collision for my dynamically created room instance?

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Whoops! Turns out I was adding my room as a child of a "Node" type. If I put it under a spatial, it works just fine!

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